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Nature hiking and you!

What is nature hiking in Quechua?

The meaning of Decathlon and Quechua is to make sport accessible and sustainable to as many people as possible.

We are passionate about nature hiking, it gives rhythm to our lives and our daily lives.

This sporting walking activity is practiced during the day on flat or hilly natural trails (forest, countryside, coastal type). These range from your weekly walks to your discovery day hikes.

It is a source of physical and psychological well-being, and is accessible to as many people as possible, whatever your age, gender, social background, place of life, etc.

Our desire through this project is to reveal communities of nature lovers, all over the world and allow each passionate practitioner to imagine with us, create and live the practice of their dreams.

We launched this project a few months ago.

The objective: to write the vision of our practice for the years to come.

And because we believe in collective intelligence, because we want this project to be as open as possible, we invite everyone to contribute.

The entire nature hiking team is now asking you to participate in discussing your fears, your visions, your dreams to imagine your future experiences to live in nature.

You will find numerous interactions (questionnaires, exchanges) on this project “Nature hiking and you”. We will thus be able to collect your opinions, your feelings and your points for improvement to design products and services that perfectly correspond to your use.

What are your wishes, your expectations, your questions, your dreams...?

Embark on the adventure!

To participate, it's very simple: Answer our questionnaires, Share your feelings, Share your ideas...! And above all, have fun!