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The co-creation platform ?

It's a space for exchange dedicated to you, passionate athletes, who wish to get involved with us in designing the future products and services of Decathlon.

Why co-create ?

At Decathlon, we observe you every day to design sports products that best meet your expectations. We are convinced that it's with you that we can go further, enhance your sports experiences by co-creating even more innovative, accessible, sustainable, and suitable products for your needs and desires.

Participate in prototype tests in preview

Our design teams are constantly looking for people passionate about their sports to test future products before they go to market. Apply to have a chance of being selected.

Tests mainly take place in France today, we are working to develop them internationally !

Answer surveys about your favorite sports

Your opinion is precious to us to design products in line with your needs, your ways of practicing, your constraints, and your tastes. Your responses to our questionnaires are carefully analyzed and allow the teams to make the best decisions.

Contribute to interviews and creative workshops

Our teams conduct individual or group exchange sessions to better understand your deep expectations and practice habits. Creative workshops are regularly organized to design new practice experiences or test concepts.

Interested in co-creating the future products of Decathlon ?

Co-create Decathlon's future products