Co-creation at Decathlon

The co-creation platform?

It's a place to exchange ideas, dedicated to the sports enthusiast like you who want to get involved in the design of DECATHLON products.

Why co-create?

At DECATHLON, we watch you every day to design sports products that best meet your expectations.

We're convinced that it's with you that we can further develop things, making your sports experiences one to remember, by co-creating products that are always more efficient, accessible and well suited to what you want and need.

What can you do on the platform?

Discover the design projects
of your favourite sports

Join one or more
communities of sports users
involved in the projects

Chat with community members
DECATHLON design teams

Have your say!

It provides you with the opportunity to collaborate on one or more stages of the design process, and you can also follow the progress of the projects in which you’re involved in.

How is it going?

1 / For product projects that interest you, you can start by sharing what your sports experience is like, telling us what you want, what you dream of, suggesting ideas and commenting on those of other members of the community.

2 / We then set to work to imagine and propose the first product concepts. It will then be a matter of giving your opinion.

3 / You can, if you like, test the first prototypes in the field, share your feedback to the design teams to improve them and finally approve them.

The products we've already co-created

Nicolas, co-creator
Co-creation has created a race walking shoe that you can barely feel when walking! A winning formula!
Christophe, User Manager
Doing it with users for users is part of making a good product. Co-creation is the surest way to get our products right and making a satisfying and long-lasting impression on users.
Race walking shoe
Jacques, co-creator
It's an opportunity to discover behind the scenes of DECATHLON products and provide solutions to problems I have to deal with when out camping.
Damien and François, Product Engineer and Designer
Co-creation is a way to innovate by combining our expertise with our sports users' overflowing imagination.
Inflatable shelf
Renaud, co-creator
I'm glad to have been part of this project. I realised that all the comments were taken into account to make improvements. We fully played our part as co-creators.
Florent, User Manager
As designers wanting to design a compound bow accessible for all, we’ve had to push the boundaries. Thanks to co-creation, we were able to think outside the box, and the participation of experienced archers and archery enthusiasts helped us to achieve an outstanding result.