Test our Mountain Hiking products and take part in unique adventures🌄

If you are a regular user of Decathlon Co-Creation, you have noticed that we try to involve our users as much as possible when designing our products.

Regularly, we ask you to test our prototypes and future ranges. As you know, your feedback is crucial in our design process .

You will find here a large part of the tests organized around the Mountain Hiking division (or Mountain Hiking for the intimate, and " MH " for the purists) of Quechua 🌄.

Most often, this takes the form of tests directly at home : you use the product independently and regularly answer a short questionnaire.

Sometimes, this may be one-off events that we organize by the hour or by the day.

Finally, this can even take the form of real trips that we organize , and to which we invite you to test our products in real conditions in the company of the entire design team . The opportunity to work on the products while living wonderful human adventures .

If you really like mountain hiking, are able to think constructively, and whether you like our products or not, we strongly invite you to sign up for this project.

Visit regularly to see the new prototypes that we invite you to test! See you soon ! 👇

By Louis