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Long-term monitoring of your merino T-shirts

Original language : French

Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for agreeing to participate in the "long-term" monitoring of your merino T-shirts that you received for odor testing.

As Adrian explained to you, this involves completing a fairly short questionnaire, approximately every 3 months .

No need to think about it, I will send it back to you at each due date, please return it completed each time - including if you have not had the opportunity to wear the T-shirt during the last 3 months, indicating just "0 days of postage" in the appropriate place in the questionnaire -.

This will be done for 2 years , and will allow us to check how the different products behave, to have more information on the circumstances of the defects if there are any, with precise visuals (photos that you will send us in the case where applicable) which will allow us to better understand what is happening in order to be able to act on future models.

The only thing to remember between each questionnaire is sent: how many days you have worn the TS during the last 3 months (and roughly how many hours per day on average).

And now, here is the 1st questionnaire, which will be used to collect your information since you received your TS and until today!

By Marie-Eve