Whether you are an individual, an individual player or a club, we all need to carry our sports equipment when traveling or during our activities. We have therefore imagined a range of ESSENTIAL bags for each type of carry , with essential compartments to properly separate your clean and dirty belongings. We have essentialized the functions and lines of these products, without ever renouncing their practicality and their resistance.

In this co-creation project, we will explore the major needs expected by you, we will have the opportunity to ask you questions on various subjects: continuous improvement, choice of future colors, development of our new products.

Our objective will be to interact together throughout the development phase of our products , to improve them in the short term, or to implement them in stores during 2023 and 2024.

Romain (use), Adrien (design), Raphaël (engineering), Loic (supply), Sami (field tests), Nicolas (laboratory tests)