Let's test the durability of Quechua children's products together!

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At Decathlon, we think it is essential to have our products tested over long enough periods of time to observe the evolution of their condition.

It is thanks to your feedback and the use of the products that we can check that their lifespan in the field is satisfactory.

Today we need the help of your children!

In general, junior products are heavily used and therefore wear out quickly, so testing their durability is essential to be sure that your children can use them for a long time.

This is why today we are looking to have your children test our hiking products, in order to observe their development.

Nothing's easier. We send you a product for your child, and in return you agree to the following two affirmations:

  • Your child uses them as often as possible (even at school),
  • You answer a short questionnaire describing the condition of the product (with photos) at least every 2 weeks.

Thank you and see you soon !

Clémence & Emilien

By Emilien