Let's co-build the nutrition shelf of tomorrow!

Good morning all,

We are delighted to meet you for a new co-creation project!

Our vision ? Being your health partner for a better quality of life, thanks to sport.

We make the commitment to co-create and make accessible nutrition solutions that are good for health and respectful of our environment.

Thanks to this new strategy, we are going to expand our offer and reposition ourselves. For this, we need you !

What topics? Our linear strategies: name of the project, segmentation, packaging charter, etc ...

The goal? The objective is to build together the nutrition shelf of tomorrow (which you will find in our stores) based on a healthier lifestyle!

How to contribute? Several future questionnaires will be available to you very soon!

After many contributions from you, we are still impressed by your enthusiasm and the relevance of your feedback!

Together, we are moving quickly and towards the right target!

In the meantime, we can't wait to read you again!

See you soon,

Nutrition team

By Solene