The 1st all-inclusive sports/health box, made by Decathlon

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Do you know Aptonia and the DecathlonSportLab?

Aptonia is Decathlon's signature for all nutrition and prevention/recovery products.

As for DecathlonSportLab, it is the research laboratory specializing in the human body and interactions with sports products.

We are currently thinking about how to best support you to get in shape. We are thinking about designing today, the first all-inclusive Sport/Health box which would allow you in 2 months to resume sports practice as close as possible to your expectations and at your own pace.

We could include:

  • support on one of the pillars of fitness: nutrition, stress, sleep, fitness
  • an à la carte sports activities program
  • the adapted sports equipment
  • motivational support, tailor-made and throughout your program

As such, we would like to ask you a few questions to find out what is important to you for a box like this. Several stages of co-creation will follow to arrive at the ideal box according to you:

  • Discussions on the box as a whole (this is happening now!)
  • Questionnaires to refine the content of the boxes to your habits
  • Your opinions and choices during the different stages of design: price, digital interface, sports activities, nutrition monitoring
  • to test the first boxes for real (MAY/JUNE 2021

If this program tempts you, take part in the adventure. We look forward to hearing from you and creating it with you!

Thank you in advance for your contribution :)

By Helene