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Fishing Equipment - Products and Services Offer

Original language : French

Are you passionate about fishing? And like us, are you always questioning the best equipment that will allow you to catch your dream fish?

To practice our sport, we must carry our equipment to often beautiful but sometimes challenging locations, face all kinds of weather conditions, and deal with various elements (vegetation, terrain, water, etc...)

It is therefore necessary to find your ideal companion, the one that will accompany you on all your outings.

This is why we need you!

We want to design a new range of products and services to enable you to have the best possible experience by the water.

Your participation will only take a few minutes by answering our initial questionnaires, but if you wish, you can accompany us throughout the project!

In any case, your responses and participation are very important to help us create products and services that match your needs.

It will be an opportunity to meet us, the Caperlan design team, to exchange ideas among enthusiasts, and to learn how a Decathlon product comes to life.

We are looking forward to starting this adventure with you!