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Safely Transporting Your Dog

Original language : French

As you know, at Décathlon, our goal is to develop products that are in line with the desires and practices of our users.

Today, over 25% of French households have a dog. Considered a full-fledged family member, dogs are taking on an increasingly important role in our lives and activities. As true sports partners, more and more of us want to share moments of sport and adventure with them, all while ensuring their safety.

For many years, Décathlon has offered a range of transport crates for our four-legged companions. We have decided to enhance this range, and for that, we need your input.

We will be sharing various questionnaires with you to gather as much information as possible in order to develop a transport range that best meets your needs!

Do you want to join us? We look forward to getting started with you. We certainly can't wait!

By michael