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Let's develop together our future boilies range!

Original language : French

Are you passionate about carp fishing? Do you want to influence our choices for our future boilies range?

You fish for carp with passion, regardless of your frequency or level of fishing. You pay special attention to the choice and use of your boilies. You have convictions to share with us. Moreover, you like or dislike using our Caperlan baits.

Then join us! We want to co-create with you our future dense boilies range. We will need to understand your usage, your way of baiting, hooking, your diameter needs, your flavor preferences, or your ingredient wishes. You've understood, we're dealing with a big piece that is sometimes made of beliefs.

We will start with a first fairly general questionnaire. Subsequently, we already have planned a second questionnaire that will go more into details, particularly based on your feedback.

You will be free to participate in all phases or to have a lighter involvement. All your answers will be important.

We can't wait to start this adventure! And you, are you ready?