PACKAGING: let's co-create the Decathlon packaging of tomorrow!

Labels, cards, notices, boxes, boxes, ... But what do they all have in common?

These are all packaging managed by the Decathlon Packaging department! And yes, Decathlon does have its own Packaging department, which means that we develop the vast majority of our packaging ourselves, with the help of our suppliers.

A garment with holes due to the cut label, a damaged product due to poor protection of the cardboard, a product too well attached with all these colsons, an illegible leaflet... We have all had a bad experience because of the packaging... so we are here to fix it thanks to you!

For the past few years, the customer experience and the removal of single-use plastics from our packaging have been at the heart of our strategies.

Customers and Sports Users, your opinion is essential!

On this page, you will regularly find different interactions (questionnaire, round table, etc.) which will help us to respond to our 2 main motivations: the environment and your satisfaction !

By Alice