Physiotherapist and osteopath: help us validate our new service

Hello everyone,

With the help of two physiotherapists, we created joint-targeted programs. The objective is to support athletes to improve after rehabilitation.

The programs are spread over 3 levels and offer sessions of 20 to 30 minutes. Sessions for muscle strengthening, flexibility but also work on balance and proprioception are offered.

These programs are not rehabilitation protocols (the idea is not to treat), but to allow your patients to be able to continue to progress. We seek to support your patients after treatment.

The programs are already available on the Decathlon Coach application. They are of course free.

Before making sure that the programs are very useful to physiotherapists and osteopaths, as well as to their patients, we want to test them.

The test is very simple: when you deem it relevant for your patient, you share the programs with him (at the end of his rehabilitation or when his problem is solved).

A questionnaire (quick to complete) will be completed to find out your level of satisfaction and your feedback.

Thank you so much,


By Clément