A breath of fresh air is blowing in the world of Baby Gym Shoes at Decathlon!

Indeed, the team is in the process of redesigning two of our models currently in store: the 1st Price shoe (100) and the "Heart of the range" shoe (500).

New shapes, new designs, new colors: it's all there!

For several months, you will be able to follow the progress of our projects and participate in them through surveys, fitting tests and long-term tests.

As you know, your opinion is very important to us and allows us to better design the products for you and your children every day!

These products range from size 20 to 30 and are intended to accompany the first steps and sporting moments of children aged between 1 and 6 years old, girls and boys!

Are you a fan of motor skills courses, does your child move and grow more every day, taking up new sporting challenges?

Does he practice Baby Gym in association, at home, at the crèche, at the nanny's? Or maybe he's just very active and makes you run around?

You are welcome to participate in this project and share your needs and desires!

We hope to see many of you.

See you soon,

Claire and the whole Baby Gym team

By Claire