Let's improve the durability of waterproof hunting boots!

Hi there !

New hunting season equals new development project for our design teams!

The shoe project? Better understand its deterioration over time to improve its lifespan !

For the realization of this unprecedented study at Solognac we need you: regular and demanding hunters .

Your role ? Wear and make returns on the pair of shoes that we will send to you and this until the moment when it is no longer usable.

The shoes tested are all waterproof (WP), high-top and the available sizes range from 41 to 46.

The hunting trips will be done independently on your usual hunting grounds (no specific trips to be planned). The only constraint: Wear a pair of shoes as much as possible and answer a short questionnaire every week!

This questionnaire to be completed online will concern the summary of your outings (km, terrain covered...) and the problems encountered (location, intensity, you can also send photos). The duration of the questionnaire is approximately 4 minutes per week.

Our goal with this study? Target the priority areas of development for our next models.

The expected result thanks to your contribution? Shoes that you can keep for many years without fear!

Do not hesitate to apply if this project speaks to you!

By Théo