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“Gentle hikes” – or how to combine nature, walks and zenitude

Hello everyone,

For 2 years you have shared with us your motivations and emotions in the practice of hiking in nature.

We are already exploring the theme of physical well-being and health from the perspective of senior hiking.

We would like to launch a 2nd theme around meditation, disconnection, quite simply getting some fresh air and clearing the mind: in short all these motivations that you have shared with us, which also allow us to take care of ourselves and be aware of the nature that surrounds us.

We imagine that this can take many different forms: a simple break in nature, a slow walk, or even a yoga break, in short it will be up to you to tell us!

A first questionnaire to allow us to discover how you get into the rhythm of nature. If the project takes shape, we will then consider the future together!

Emmanuelle - nature hiking product manager