Let's co-create your future dinghy sailing products together!

At Tribord, we are constantly seeking to make dinghy sailing, the best experience possible!

We believe that the best way to achieve this is to co-create your future sets of equipment together.

Thanks to the questionnaires, the exchanges and the workshops that will follow, we will be able to collect your points of view, your ideas, your feelings and your points of improvement to design products and services that perfectly correspond to your needs.

The first step that we are launching today and which will last until mid July 2022, is to get to know you better and understand your expectations!

The second step will be to imagine together the equipment and the ideal sailing boats for your practice. With the collaboration of the design team, we propose, we draw, we create, we react... around as many ideas as possible. We will work on this stage from August to December 2022.

The third step will be to develop, test, modify... with the collaboration of engineers, model makers and prototypists... with the aim of finalizing the products and finding them a few months later in stores or on the Internet.

Let's go !

By Guillaume