Freestyle scooters adapted to your practice!

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To you, passionate about freestyle scooters and thrills!

  • Do you like to ride, jump, explore the urban environment and pump tracks?
  • Do you want to participate in the design and improvement of our Freestyle scooters so that they become the scooters of your dreams?

With the Oxelo Scooters team, our Mission is to offer you scooters that perfectly meet your expectations and correspond to your practice.

So what could be more logical than to ask YOU what you would like to have for your Freestyle practice.

Join us and co-create with us the scooter you need.

You will thus be our partners on the different stages of co-creation:

  • Express your needs and explore your practice
  • Choose the design (shape, graphics, etc.) and colors
  • Test the products
  • Share your feelings and feedback

The various future interactions will appear in this project.

Feel free to intervene on the steps you want or on all!

We need you to design the right product.

Are you ready to try the adventure? 🙂

By Léa