Come and test our future nature hiking clothes and shoes!

What is nature hiking at Quechua?

The meaning of Decathlon and Quechua is to make sport accessible and sustainable to as many people as possible.

We are passionate about nature hiking, it gives rhythm to our lives and our daily lives.

This sports walking activity is practiced for the day on flat or hilly natural paths (forest, countryside, coast). These are your weekly walks up to your day-long discovery hikes.

It is a source of physical and mental well-being, is accessible to as many people as possible, whatever your age, gender, social background, place of residence, etc.

But to offer you suitable products, it is essential to test the products throughout their development . These tests allow us to ensure that the products meet your expectations.

The goal: Function, usage and long-term tests for textiles and nature hiking shoes

Co-creation is now at the center of our concerns, we believe in collective intelligence, which everyone can contribute by sharing their opinion.

You will find many test proposals throughout the year.

Do you like going for walks in nature?

So, embark on the Decathlon adventure by answering our questionnaires to take part in the tests and above all have fun!

By Viviane