Together, let's develop your organic whey protein

Hello everyone,

As consumers, we are all increasingly aware and sensitive to how our behaviors and purchases impact our health and natural resources.

In this sense, our MUSCULATION / CROSS TRAINING team (CORENGTH => it's our brand new name !!!) is working on the development of nutrition products towards ever more naturalness.

We would like to discuss with you the concept of an ORGANIC product associated with sports nutrition and in particular with protein powder.

Listening to your daily needs, questions relating to organic are more and more numerous, as evidenced by these words from one of our sports client, maybe a member of the community;)

"I don't yet consume organic protein, but all my food consumption is organic and unprocessed… that's why it's important to me, the only non-organic foods are energy bars and Whey"

You are a protein powder user and a regular consumer of organic food products, we invite you to share your desires and opinions with us !!

Our first step in knowing your motivations for purchasing an organic protein has just been taken! We quickly launch the second step on the choice of the ideal formula

See you soon


Leader in protein and food supplements

By nicolas