Let's reinvent together the experience of cycling with young children

Objective of the project :

Dear parents and children,

Do you dream of sharing beautiful bike rides with your family or going on a bike adventure together? To have absolute confidence in your equipment and leave serenely?

Child trailers are great ways to share a moment with the family on a bike!

After initial analyses, we realize that they also have several disadvantages which can be a hindrance to the practice or transform their use into a real nightmare.

This is why we invite you to participate in this project aimed at reinventing the means of transport and escape by bike for the whole family.

In this study, we will make it a point of honor to take into account the different points of view, on the one hand your experience as a parent… and that experienced and felt by your children!

Come and co-create the trailer of your dreams with our design team, so that the family experience is fully shared and enjoyed by all :)!

How to participate in the project?

Thanks to the questionnaires, the exchanges and the workshops that will follow, we will be able to collect your points of view, your ideas, your feelings and your points of improvement to design the experience that perfectly meets your needs.

First, you will share with us your current experience of your trailer with your children (essential points, frequency of use, etc.).... We are listening!

With all his insights, we will then work on the production of drawings, 3D formatting, and we will begin to imagine some technical solutions.

Then comes the test phase where we will prototype a trailer inspired by our previous exchanges.

Finally, it will be up to you to test it, challenge it in order to optimize the family experience!


Once again thank you and see you very soon!