Let's develop Decathlon's first VEGAN protein together.

Whey protein is now a supplement that allows a protein intake that helps muscle development.

It now comes in 3 forms at Decathlon.

Whey Protein: from cheese processing.

Whey Protein Isolate: from cheese processing and more precise filtration than classic Whey.

Native Whey Protein: derived directly from milk by cold filtration, which does not denature it.

More and more of you are consuming VEGAN protein (from peas, rice, or other plants). Whether by choice (diet) or following digestive intolerances, we do not have a Decathlon product that meets your needs.

We want to develop with you a plant protein that compiles:

  • sufficient protein intake,
  • an inimitable taste,
  • a pleasant texture,
  • natural ingredients,

Our teams have been working on this project since August 2019.

To make this product no longer a project but available to you from fall 2021, we need your help.

By Antoine