What if we supported you in reaching your sporting goals?

You don't know what to drink or what to eat during your sports practice? For you, recovery is effort after effort? Stress makes you lose your means during a sports competition? Etc.

You are not alone! These issues are encountered by a lot of athletes. What if, together, we thought about the right solutions?

For this, we are developing a new support project. And we are convinced that it is with you that we will succeed.

What is our goal? SUPPORT you for:

  • Your daily and sports nutrition and hydration
  • Sports recovery
  • Prevention and care of sports-related injuries
  • Improving your mobility (flexibility and sports technique)
  • Stress management and mental preparation before a competition
  • And any other problem encountered

By the way, who are we? Which teams are leading this project?

Formerly Aptonia, we are now Decathlon Nutrition et Soin. We offer nutrition and recovery products, and soon support services, for all athletes.

Everything is to write! This project is new within Decathlon. We are convinced that it is by working with you that we will make this project a success.

What are the first stages of this great project?

First step: listen to you! We want to know your desires, your needs, your expectations.

Second step: present to you the support services that we have imagined thanks to your contribution.

Third step: test these support services with you.

This project is also yours: we want to include you in each step of the project.

Ready for this great adventure? So let's create a set of innovative support services.

Thank you in advance for your investment.

Vincent & Clement

By Clément