Let's motivate our children to spend time outdoors!

That's it, July has arrived, and with it the joys of summer holidays : new discoveries and learning, family moments, reunions with friends, and more time outdoors!

At Decathlon, we are committed to helping children discover and love sport , for all the benefits it brings to well-being and health.

And what better place than the outdoors to take care of yourself, cultivate your curiosity and your ability to marvel?

We want to make children even more eager to taste the joys of time spent outdoors, for their development and that of the whole family. This subject of co-creation is part of an exploration phase of this theme.

If you are the parent of a child between 2 and 12 years old, we invite you to join the adventure. It doesn't matter what sports you or your child play , and how much time your child spends outdoors . The variety of your experiences will only be richer.

This project will consist of several stages . Feel free to intervene on the ones you like or on all of them.

We will start by offering you a questionnaire.

In a second step, we will deepen certain points through discussion forums .

Finally, for the most inspired, we will suggest that you meet in September or October (in Lyon, and perhaps Lille), during a live exchange in a group.

We are counting on you to contribute to this subject, to the issues that are important to us for the development of our children and to preserve our favorite playground.

Florane (child hiking product manager)

By Florane