Let’s work together on the sustainability of your future children’s textile products!

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The durability of our textile products represents a major issue and we are committed to offering you products that last over time!

Of course, as you can imagine, sustainability is a complex project, starting with its definition:

  • What does “a sustainable product” mean to you?
  • How does this translate into practice? What damage/wear do you observe on your products?
  • What are your requirements regarding this damage? Are they different depending on the product (leggings / t-shirt / jacket / pants)?
  • How to communicate it in store?

For all these points (and many others!) we want to have your opinion, because these are YOUR products.

In the Decathlon Kids team, we therefore decided to launch a major study concerning CHILDREN'S products (from 1 to 12 years old), with the aim of better designing more sustainable products.

So if you want to participate in this process, don’t hesitate!

Looking forward to discussing with you soon,

Yonna (Sustainability Project Manager) & Nicolas (Field Test Engineer)

By Nicolas