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Let's improve the sustainability of our textile products

Hello everyone !

At VAN RYSEL the performance and durability of our products are at the heart of our design.

With the textile team we will launch several studies (at different times) in this area in order to collect data and validate or not our design choices and improve the lifespan of our products.

To carry out these studies we need you: regular and demanding cyclists, ready to ride all year round and in all conditions.

Your role ? Use the products under test and provide us with regular feedback (generally once a week or every 15 days) via a follow-up questionnaire on their use and any damage encountered.

The products are used independently on your favorite roads (no specific trips required). The only constraint: Wear the products tested as much as possible and regularly answer a short questionnaire.

This questionnaire to be completed online will concern the summary of your outings (km, terrain covered, etc.) and the problems encountered (location, intensity, you can also provide photos). The duration of the questionnaires is approximately 4 minutes per week.

Our goal with this study? Target priority areas of development for our next models.

The expected result thanks to your contribution? Products that you can keep for many years without fear!

Do not hesitate to apply for the various tests that will be offered if this project speaks to you!