Diagnosis of products in the context of a sale as a second-hand product

Good morning !

Decathlon's Second Life offer is developing and growing.

The concept is simple : estimate your products online, get a buyback price and go to the store to finalize the trade-in of your product and get your money back. Your products thus taken back will be repaired (if necessary), adjusted and maintained in order to give them a second life and find them a new owner.

To give you an accurate estimate of the purchase price of your products, we work on different diagnoses depending on the nature and types of products.

We therefore offer you a 2-hour workshop in videoconference and in a group, so that you can evaluate and give your opinion on some of these diagnoses.

We will process diagnostics for the following products:

  • Electric bike
  • Camping tent
  • Training bike
  • Downhill skiing
  • Hiking backpack

Participation in this workshop is remunerated via a dematerialized Decathlon gift card worth €20.

Participation in the workshop requires access to a computer (mobile and tablet excluded), a webcam, and an internet connection.

If one of these prerogatives is not respected, you will not be able to receive your gift voucher.

By Vivien