Together let's reinvent the practice of fitness at home!

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We seek to support our users by reinventing the practice of fitness at home, but for what reasons?

We know how complex starting or resuming a sporting activity can be when we are bound by time constraints (professional activity, children, etc.), motivation, etc.

Our goal is to develop THE solution that will allow you to include sports practice in your daily routine from home!

We are committed to offering you more than just a product! This is a real experience that we will reveal to you as part of the co-creation;)

Thanks to the following questionnaire, we are looking for women available the week of October 3 to 7, 2022 for a 2 hour interview including the completion of a fitness session at your home of +/- 30 minutes. We want to discuss your feelings, your constraints, your motivations in order to design the products and services that perfectly match your needs! :)

So let's go!!!!!