Help us design the future technical and trendy products of Quechua

Dear hikers!

We need you to develop the best hiking products. The Quechua team aims to design with you products that are both technical and trendy to accompany you on your best mountain outings.

To best target your needs, we will ask you through online questionnaires and visuals to get your feedback and your feelings.

We will also be called upon to ask you, depending on your availability, to hold round tables and field tests , to design together innovative and modern textile products and shoes.

We are looking for trendy and modern hikers who like to have technical and innovative equipment when hiking in the mountains even if it is only a few times a year.

You will be invited to discuss and meet our design team: model maker, engineer, designer and product manager.

So you want to help us progress whether it's in terms of style and technicality participate 😄