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Competition Nordic walking pole

Hello Nordic walkers and welcome!

After launching the Nordic walking competition shoes with you, we found that the experience was really great!

We therefore want to do the same thing with a Nordic walking pole :-)

Co-creation is teamwork, you the Nordic walking enthusiasts and us the Newfeel team. We would like to know all your desires and needs to develop even more relevant products that are truly adapted to you and your sport.

We will also be able to rely on the studies that we have launched on vibration, the true composition of the poles... A great opportunity to better understand everything that is hidden behind a Nordic walking pole and to break preconceived ideas:- )

You will be able to participate in this project in the different stages of co-creation: express your needs and validate the synthesis, choose the design (shape, graphics, etc.), test the products, etc.

This process will take place over 2 years. Feel free to intervene on the steps you want or on all of them!

If you want to participate in this new adventure with us then co-creation is for you :-)

The Newfeel Nordic walking team