Help us develop our future Bench 900!

Hi there,

Practitioners and enthusiasts of the world of bodybuilding, we are all more and more training at home and in the gym in a hybrid way or 100% at home with our Home gym.

In this sense, our BODYBUILDING / CROSS TRAINING CORENGTH team is working on the development of products to perform gym exercises at home.

We would like to discuss with you a new product which will be the Bench 900 which will replace the current RECLINING/DECLINING REINFORCED WEIGHT BENCH .

These advantages:

  • A highlighting of areas of interaction with patterns.
  • Better bench stability.
  • An adjustable skid system to gain stability.
  • A Bench that can support a maximum load of 300 kg (user weight + load).

You are bodybuilding practitioners and users of our bodybuilding products and more particularly of our CORENGTH weight bench (Decathlon), we invite you to share your desires and opinions with us!!

See you soon


Bodybuilding / Cross Training Product Manager Assistant

By Romain