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At Oxelo, we are committed to understanding our users, what motivates them in their practice, but also what hinders them, in order to be able to offer them the best possible experience.

To better meet your needs through our products and services, we want to determine the reasons that lead first-time roller skaters to stop practicing (inline skating or quad roller skating).

âžĄïž Your child has already done roller/skating: your testimony interests us!

âžĄïž Your child has never skated/skates or you don't have children: if you've put on rollerblades or skates at least once in your life (even if it's been a long time and if you don't do more now), we are also interested in your testimony!

đŸ—Łïž To participate, it's very simple: answer this short questionnaire. It will only take you about 4 minutes.

We need you ! Are you ready to try the adventure?

Thank you for your help 😉

Oxelo Team

By jonathan