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Make discovering fishing easier!

Good morning !

Our team is working to make the discovery of fishing more accessible.

We gave ourselves a mission: Propose attractive solutions allowing you to easily and quickly discover the emotions of Fishing .

To carry out this mission we would like to collaborate with co-creators to:

  • help us understand the motivations and constraints of those who wish to discover fishing
  • co-build our different solutions
  • test our future solutions, improve them, validate them.

By participating in this project you will be able to first experience the discovery of fishing (predator fish) using our future solutions, you will also be in contact with regular fishermen.

As our project progresses, we will share our decisions and results with you!

This project will last several months and will be sequenced in 3 stages during which we will offer you the opportunity to participate in:

1/ better understand those who are new to fishing

2/ development of solutions

3/ testing solutions

We want to finalize this project and start offering our solutions in 2024

See you soon!

The Caperlan team