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What if we played pétanque as a family in the house?

For GEOLOGIC, DECATHLON's precision sports brand, sporting activity rhymes with play.

Among our sports, we have pétanque. Sharing, laughing and emotion, we like to get together around a game: for the pleasure of winning... or simply the joy of reaching the jack!

But to play you often need specific terrain, good weather and metal balls :(. What if we didn't let these conditions stop us from having fun?

To do this, we want to develop together a future game for the whole family that we can play around the house. From concept to design, including design, materials and even the rules of the game, come and co-create this future game with us!

Your experience and opinion matters. Whether you are a pétanque player or not, parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, cousin, etc., in short, if you like or want to play with different generations, help bring pétanque into the mainstream. the House.

Let's play,