Imagine the “accessible” Nordic walking poles of tomorrow!


Nordic walking is a sport that is growing all over the world.

Adults of all ages are getting into it, but we are also seeing more and more children learning about Nordic walking through clubs, associations and also in schools.

Decathlon aims to make the pleasures and benefits of sport accessible to as many people as possible.

“Accessible” means: beautiful products, simple and easy to use, smart, clever. But that also means that the price should not be an obstacle to practicing a sport. And this is equally valid in France, Romania, India or Africa, for example.

The Newfeel Nordic walking team therefore needs you to imagine the “accessible” Nordic walking poles of tomorrow that will allow the whole world to discover our sport which is so complete (physically and mentally), friendly and in synergy with nature.

The 1st step will be to clearly define the expectations and essential needs to develop a pole for beginner walkers, non-practitioners, schools and clubs / associations.

And that's why we need you :-)

This is the perfect opportunity to express yourself and tell us what your dream is!