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Your urban walking route

Walking is the most common and accessible means of transportation. In addition to being ultra economical, walking allows us to be flexible in our route and to have a rhythm that is our own. Almost everyone walks: to get from point A to point B, to go to work and/or to university, to go for a walk, ... Some of us do the entire route on foot, others alternate means of transport with walking.

But sometimes our journey does not unfold ideally as we imagined. We dream of a journey from home to work that is pleasant, and which gives us a good time, which almost makes us want to walk again and again.

Our goal, at the Decathlon Marche Urbaine team, is to promote urban walking to as many people as possible, and to offer an ideal experience. We are working on shoes designed specifically for this practice, as well as other urban walking equipment which will soon be included in our offer.

And what about the service? Would you like a service that makes your urban walking journey easier? This is the objective of this project: let's create a service together for your urban walking route.