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Our design team wants to enrich your practice experience with our connected products, designed for the home.

Do you have one or more Fitness Cardio equipment(s) at home? Your opinion interests us !

Help us understand and consider together the connected experience you want to have at home with our connected products.

As part of this project, you can participate in one or more of the following phases:

#From a distance :

  • Answer the questionnaire(s) to allow us to better understand your expectations regarding the use of your product and your practices.
  • Give your opinion on our proposals for improving the Domyos E Connected application
  • Share your data and help us design the connected after-sales service of tomorrow


  • Test how connectivity works on all our new products.

We thank you for your involvement in our cardio project. Your opinion is essential to define and validate the connected experience of our new Fitness Cardio devices!

By camille