Help us design our future prevention knee brace!

Decathlon wishes to innovate on the supports of tomorrow in order to better support athletes in their practice. Health is a major issue at Decathlon and we want all DECATHLONIANS to enjoy a good quality of life. An adapted and well-equipped practice allows each athlete to practice more serenely and for longer.

The setting in motion very often passes through our musculoskeletal system, so we must take care of it and accompany it in its momentum. The knee, one of the joints of this device, like the foot, ankle and hip, absorbs and transforms forces into kinetic energy. This work exposes the knee joint to certain stresses and sometimes injuries. Many athletes use knee braces after injury to continue practicing and/or relieve pain.

  • But what if we thought otherwise ? Would it be possible to avoid coming to this?
  • Certainly !
  • And if in addition it boosted our performance , wouldn't it be magical ?
  • Magic no, but physiological yes! The development of this new technology is underway and we need you to make the technology magic happen!

Since August 2020 the project is ongoing. Many studies have already been carried out in the laboratory, some of which with some of you. A long-term test will close the year 2023. We will need you for this last step in order to validate the final product , its arrival is scheduled for June/July 2024 !

By Aurore