Why do we need you?

The Quechua design team has embarked on the development of a baby carrier intended for young parents wishing to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor walks with the family.

Indeed, it is not always easy to continue to practice your favorite sports when you become parents. And yet nothing like a good breath of fresh air with baby to soothe the whole family!

However, our first observations led us to the following observation:

  • all baby carriers do not necessarily respect a physiological position for the baby
  • babies and parents are often hot with the baby carrier
  • I go for a walk with my baby, but how do I take the essentials with me?

Thus, we are looking for young parents or in the process of becoming one to help us finalize the design of our first physiological baby carrier which will allow you to go on a walk in complete autonomy.

How to contribute?

This survey aims to collect information that will allow us to validate the essential features of this baby carrier suitable for family walks / hikes but also of course which will accompany you in all your daily trips with baby.

And also allow us to improve the understanding of our user manual so that baby is installed simply and safely!

Finally, this will also allow us to identify interested parents among you to join our panel of future testers in use and long term.

We thank you in advance for taking the time to answer these questions.


We have already made good progress on our prototypes, in particular thanks to our partnership with specialists in the physiology of young children. A physiotherapist, an osteo, a midwife and a babywearing instructor accompany us at each stage of development to advise us on the best choices. Thanks to their expertise, we were able to validate the most appropriate shape and materials to guarantee the comfort of the baby (physiological position) and the parents!

Thanks to you, we will then be able to validate the ideal product adapted to your needs as well as the good understanding of our user manual: JANV - FEV 2021

Then, we will offer you several color choices and take your votes into consideration to choose the design of our future model: FEB - MARCH 2021

And last but not least, you will help us to finalize the validation of our baby carrier thanks to your collaboration to test in the field in use then in long term our model before its marketing! MAY - AUGUST 2021

The whole team thanks you for your collaboration in the co-development of a baby carrier that guarantees the physiological position of your baby, accessible and hiking friendly!

To thank you for your participation, we will offer you discussions (videos, questions / answers) on physiological portage with our health partners!

By Florane