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Are you passionate about fishing? Do you practice wading fishing, but find it difficult to find waders that fit you perfectly?

Waders are essential products for your practice as they allow you to access the most inaccessible places. It is therefore necessary to have a product that is not only resistant, but also comfortable, as you may cover kilometers to reach your fishing spot and/or spend hours in the water in search of the perfect catch.

However, finding the perfect waders, those that are suited to your morphology, can be challenging due to the link between shoe size and fit. Aware of this issue, we are working on the possibility of offering you a wider range of waders in almost "customized" sizes.

This is why we need you! To ensure that we meet your needs!

Your participation will only take a few minutes by answering our questionnaire, but if you wish, you can accompany us throughout the project!

In any case, your answers and participation are very important to help us create waders that suit you.