Test our new circular shoes!

Our world is changing and evolving, today more than ever, we must commit ourselves to strong causes and in particular the environment. At Quechua, this is a priority and our teams strive to develop products that are as close as possible to these values. This is tedious work, especially on our scale, but we want to do well.

With this in mind, our nature hiking teams have redesigned one of our flagship shoes: the NH100. This pair, sold on a large scale, could become a real pivot to reduce our emissions. We have therefore decided to make it circular: once the pair has been used, it will have to be brought back to the store where it will then be transformed into fins thanks to a mono-material design allowing it to be recast in plastic granules!

And now ? It's up to you.

We need testers to validate the feasibility of this mode of transformation. We therefore suggest that you send you a pair of shoes, leave them for a few months so that you can test them and use them, then you will have to send them back. For this, we will provide you with everything you need to prepare the package, all you have to do is drop it off.

By Matthieu