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Let's develop a connected dog collar together

As you know, at Decathlon, our desire is to develop products in line with the desires and practices of our users.

For this, we have decided to develop an offer dedicated to dog sports, and it is with you that we wish to develop this offer.

Today, more than 25% of French households own a dog.

A true sporting partner, more and more of us want to share a moment of sport and escape with him.

We need your help to participate in this co-creation project.

The time you wish to devote to us depends on you: you can participate and answer our first questionnaires only (all information will be taken into account), but if you accompany us throughout the project, you will have the possibility (in the last stages of it) to participate in testing the prototypes designed and co-created by you and our teams! Our project will reach the implementation of a new offer for the period of December 2023.

During this period, we will do everything we can to have as many discussions and sharing with you as possible regarding our progress. We also hope to be able to discuss our common passion with you regularly, and experience a real human adventure together :-)

Do you want to start it with us? We are waiting for you to start it. In any case, we can't wait!