Always run, I care about you: for running shoes that last

At Kiprun, the sustainability of our products is at the heart of our design topics. We dream of pairs of shoes that last a long time, without defect or degradation, and which ensure a constant level of performance over the miles that unfold under our feet.

To this end, we are launching a study of the durability of running shoes, the outcome of which will be to know precisely the reasons for changing a pair, to identify the main defects that we can observe, to characterize them, and to develop laboratory test methods that will allow us to evaluate the level of resistance of all the next models that we will develop.

The purpose of this project: to guarantee you satisfactory running shoes over thousands of kilometres.

So, do you want to join the adventure, be part of the group, and help us design the most durable running shoe on the market?

By Sylvain