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Hello parents of little hikers,

As part of the development of new snow hiking products, Quechua is looking for junior testers to become long-term testers (size 29 and 35).

The long-term test consists of wearing the shoes during your hikes and in everyday life. The objective is to evaluate the durability of the product, to identify certain defects or premature wear in order to take corrective actions before its marketing. Please note, it is best to anticipate the fact that our products are designed to be used in cold temperatures (static 0°).

The role of testers is therefore to use the products as much as possible within the set period.

Added to this are 3 rules of the game that must be respected to guarantee a reliable and quality test:

  • Complete a follow-up questionnaire (approximately every 2 weeks).
  • Be as precise as possible in the data communicated.
  • Commit to using our products as much as possible (schoolyards, hikes, etc.)

What products will be tested?

  • We are testing 3 pairs in 29 and 3 pairs in 35.

So if you and your child (boy or girl) are ready to get involved alongside the Quechua design team to test the durability of footwear products and make them evolve, then all you have to do is answer the following questionnaire!

A response to your application will be given to you very quickly

By Pierre