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What if we imagined the balloons of tomorrow together?

KIPSTA is a major player in the balloon market and sells several million balloons each year. Driven by the desire to significantly reduce our impact on the Planet and living things, we wish to assume our responsibility until the end of the balloons' life .

In order to define relevant solutions, we need you, customers and users of all levels, to:

  • Collect data on your balloon use
  • Think about solutions for collecting used balloons
  • Consider solutions for reusing used balloons
  • Test the solutions defined together

We will use this digital platform to communicate with you, co-creators. Then, we could consider exchanging in more detail, sharing ideas, living experiences together through round tables in our premises or elsewhere...

We have to reinvent our ways of doing things (designers, clients, users), and that takes time.

We are committed together, KIPSTA and you , co-creators, to several months of collaboration and mutual assistance to define more ecological solutions.