Let's co-create the baby fleece jumpsuit together!

Parents of baby(s) rider(s) on snow from 1 to 3 years old , we invite you to participate in the co-creation of our baby fleece suit (or 2nd layer).

This suit will be marketed in November 2024. It completes the baby's range during its activities in the snow / tobogganing for additional warmth.

This baby's fleece jumpsuit (or 2nd layer) completes your baby's outfit when sledding for extra warmth.

It is intended to be worn as a 2nd layer under the waterproof ski suit and after skiing indoors.

Our discussions and your opinions will make it possible to create an optimal baby fleece suit (or 2nd layer) for your future outings in the snow. We will inform you of progress and results throughout the development until its validation in use.