Luggage room dedicated to folding bikes!

Be an actor in the design of our future offer of luggage storage specific to folding bikes.

We want our B'twin folding bikes to allow you to go from cyclist to pedestrian to traveler in a fluid and fast way.

Your mount accompanies you in many adventures whether it is to go to work on a daily basis or simply to walk around and visit places during your weekends and holidays.

Regardless of the experience, you have to carry your belongings. Depending on your use, you carry more or less things and above all you prefer certain types of luggage to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

In a few weeks the 1st specific luggage will be marketed and we would like to build the following with you.

We therefore want to integrate you and know what would be your favorite concepts for your use.

You can also express yourself on the luggage storage that would be ideal for you.