Autumn/winter 2024 Mid season MTB pants unisex

Carefree immersion in nature is what the ROCKRIDER design team wants to promote with mountain bikers.

It is by being close to each user that we will offer products recognized for their technicality and their design.

With our entire design team, we are convinced that by listening to you, we will be better able to meet your expectations.

We will soon be working on our FEEL mid season pants dedicated to hiking and mountain biking for outings of 2 to 4 hours, they will be designed for a temperature between 7 and 15°C and as we are committed to preserving our planet, we will be very attentive to our environmental impact from the start of design (recycled materials, logistics, etc.) to the end of the product's life (recyclable, etc.).

But before embarking on the creation of this new product, we would like to ask you to collect your habits, your opinions, your experiences, your suggestions in order to create a product that meets your expectations.

This creative project will last about 18 months.

Rest assured, your participation can only last a few minutes if you wish or accompany us throughout the project, it's up to you!

In any case, your answers and your participation are very important to help us create THE right MTB pants.

Let's go!