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What solution to organize your backpack / transport bag?

Do you know Forclaz?

This is Decathlon's signature for trekking or roaming travel.

We are currently considering developing a solution for organizing a backpack and/or transport bag for traveling over a stay of several days/weeks. As such, we would like to ask you a few questions to find out what is important to you in organizing your backpack/transport bag before and during your stay. Several stages of co-creation will follow to arrive at the ideal solution:

  • Questionnaire to better understand your needs (this is now!)
  • Give your opinion on the first design solutions (December 2022)
  • Test prototypes (March 2023) in the field over several days
  • Select the final product that you will find in your store (June 2023)

Thank you in advance for your contribution :)

Pierre, Travel product manager

Thomas, Travel designer

Fabien, Travel product engineer