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Team sports bags - ACADEMIC COLLECTION

Because we are not always in sportswear to go to the locker room, we created the ACADEMIC story to meet the needs of careful players , who want to have a transport companion whose esteem value is higher. We also wanted to provide answers to the problems of use, in particular, in damp or dirty changing rooms, with bag bottoms which do not absorb water quickly and which can also be cleaned more easily.

In this co-creation project, we will explore the major expected needs, we will have the opportunity to question you on different subjects: continuous improvement, choice of future colors, development of our new products.

Our objective will be to interact together throughout the entire development phase of our products , to improve them in the short term, or to implement them in stores during 2023 and 2024.

Romain (use), Adrien (design), Raphaël (engineering), Loic (supply), Sami (field tests), Nicolas (laboratory tests)